Silicon Valley Super Sprint Triathlon

April 19, 2014 
Half Moon Bay, CA


Event updates & information:

We are excited about the new location and the relationship we have created with the City of Half Moon Bay as well as several organizations around the coast.  With any new event there will be new logistics we need to explain to make the event successful and fun for all.  The event will have a point to point bike course with two transitions; we will make this as seamless as possible with shuttles, sufficient volunteers and a beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean from the Half Moon Bay coastline. 

We will be providing GoPro videos of each course over the next two weeks and posting them below as well as Facebook and our YouTube Channel.  This will allow for you to get a glimpse of the course, transitions, and key points of the event if you’re not able to take advantage of the Training Clinic (April 12, 2014) or preview the course in advance.

On Sunday April 20, 2014, we will have other family focused activities occurring for the whole family to come out and enjoy Easter weekend in the beautiful City of Half Moon Bay.  We will have an Easter egg hunt and other kids’ activities on race day!

About the Event

 .35 Mile Swim - 9.5 Mile Bike - 3.1 Mile Run 

Individuals, Clydesdale/Athena, & Clubs
$75 until 12/1/13
$85 until 2/1/14
$95 until 4/10/14
$105 until 4/18/14

Aqua-Bike Individuals
$70 until 12/1/13
$80 until 2/1/14
$90 until 4/10/14
$100 until 4/18/14

Relay Teams (2 or 3 members)
$120 until 12/1/13
$130 until 2/1/14
$140 until 4/10/14
$150 until 4/18/14

Mail-In Registration Form: Click Here

Registration is also available on Active: Click Here

Adding the super sprint a month out from the Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon will get people ready for their first sprint distance triathlon. Use this as your starting point in the sport of triathlon, come out and have fun at this beautiful venue.  For experienced triathletes use this as a test or speed training at a great sprint course venue.

With a focus on safe and fun courses, we look forward to creating the athlete experience for many new and experienced athletes.

Registration Categories:

- Individual
- Youth (18 & under)
- Military/Fire/Police (required to bring active military, fire, or police ID)
- Triathlon Club
- Aqua-Bike (swim-bike)
- Challenge Athlete
- Pro/Elite
- Relay (male, female, or coed 2 or 3 person team)

Registration includes:

- Custom Swim Cap
- Custom event branded t-shirt
- Finishers Medal
- Finishers chamois towel
- Custom water bottle
- Free post-race feast!!!
- Professional Race Day announcer
- Race results posted on race day
- Great live music

Age groups male & female (awards will be given 3 deep):

14-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+, female Athena (over 165 lbs), male Clydesdale (over 220 lbs.).

The JAKROO Tri Club Challenge at SVST:

Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon Prize Purse:

See how your tri club/team can win at each race and the Championship for 2014!

Check if I'm registered:

Confirm your registration for the Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon.

Race Photography:

Race photos for 2013:  Click here

Race Details & Schedule

Preliminary Wave Starts:

Wave 1: 7:30 am Men – 12-34
Wave 2: 7:34 am Men -35-44
Wave 3: 7:38 am Men – 45+ 
Wave 4: 7:42 am Women -12-34 
Wave 5: 7:46 am Women – 35+
Wave 6: 7:50 am Relays / Aquabike

Clydesdale and Athena will start with your USAT age group.

Schedule of events:

Athlete Information Guide:  Click Here

You must bring a valid ID to pick up your race packet. If you are pre-registered, you will not need to bring anything but your valid I.D. and USAT card to pick up your race packet. If you're not a USAT member you'll be required to purchase a one day USAT License for $12.

Friday, April 18, 2014 (Registration / Packet Pickup)

Sports Basement - Sunnyvale

  • Hours:  3-8pm Address:  1177 Kern Ave.  Sunnyvale, CA 94085  Map: Click Here
    Phone: 408.732.0300
  • 5-5:30pm Course overview

Saturday, April 19, 2014 (Registration / Packet Pickup)

Sports Basement - Sunnyvale

  • Hours:  12-5pm Address:  1177 Kern Ave.  Sunnyvale, CA 94085  Map: Click Here
    Phone: 408.732.0300
  • 2-2:30pm Course overview Vendors
  • Sponsor will be present to show off their products and services

April 20, 2014 - Race Day

  • 6:00am-7:30am Registration Open
  • 6:00am Transition Open
  • 8am-11am Expo Open
  • 7:30am Race Start
  • 9am-11am Food, Beer, and Live Music
  • 10:15am Awards Ceremony

Confirmed Athletes:

All athletes must arrive at least 1.5 hours early. This year's event will begin promptly at 7:30 AM

Tattoos, Run Bib, & Race Number System:

All athletes will be provided a race number system, run bib and tattoos to use and wear during the event. It is the racer's responsibility to apply the tattoos (bib number on left arm & age on left calf), apply the race number system and run bib via a race belt or safety pins.  Based on USA Triathlon rules and regulations each athlete must wear their bib and have their race number visible during the bike and run portions.

Instructions for applying the race tattoo:  Click Here

Spectator Tips:

Spectators will have several options that start with beach views of the swim start/finish, transition from swim to bike, views of the athletes on the bike course, transition from bike to run and finally an incredible finish near the Johnston House and views of the Pacific Ocean down the hill!

T1 Parking: It's recommended that spectators park directly west of the transition area and follow the cyclists out of the transition area on Airport Way this way you don't create a cross at any point on the course. 

T2 Parking: It's recommended that spectators park on Main St. north of the Johnston House again not creating a cross on the course and you will have a .25 mile walk to transition #2/Johnston House and will be able to see athletes transition from bike to run and finish at the Johnston House location.

Transition Areas:

We will number transition racks in both T1 and T2 to make it fair for all, your items will be placed in that area in each transition.  We will be posting a transition map for the numbering sequence for each rack.

Transition will open on Sunday morning at 5am.

T1 = Swim Start/Finish/Bike Start (Pillar Point Harbor)

Swim Start Address: 214 Princeton Ave, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

  • Swim course will be set on Saturday, April 19 at Noon and people are more than welcome to swim the course

Map: Click Here

T2 = Bike Finish/Run Start/Finish line

Johnston House / Finish line Address:  110 Higgins Canyon Rd, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

  • Transition#2 will be open on Saturday from 1pm to 6pm to drop run gear bag and setup items if needed and T2 will also be open on race day at 5am if you would like to setup your run gear before the start of the race.

Map: Click Here

Transition Bags:

    • At packet pickup you will be given 2 numbered transition bags for your race
    • Bag #1 (Red Bag): will allow for you to pack all your swim related items after your swim and this will be transported back to the finish line in large organized bins so you can pick it up after the race very easily.  These large bins will hold 50-100 bags each. They will be organized and placed in the back of transition #2 for you to pick up at any time after your race.
    • Bag #2 (White Bag): for your run related items and you’re more than welcome to setup your run items the day before the race in T2, if you choose or you can drop off your bag on race morning in T1 we will place your items in transition 2 for you at your numbered position.

Preparing for Race:

Be sure to listen to race day announcers for important announcements throughout the rest of your warm up.

Water Conditions & Temperature: 

Pillar Point Harbor Water Conditions:

Water Conditions: Click Here (1/28/14)

Water Conditions: Click Here (2/24/14)

Water Conditions: Click Here (3/26/14)

Approx water temperature in April:  56 degrees

Shuttle Schedule

Shuttles will travel from Transition#2/Johnston House to Transition#1/Swim Start

Shuttles will pickup at the corner of Higgins Canyon Rd & Main St. and drop off at Capistrano Rd & Prospect Rd.

If you park at Transition #2, we would recommend that you drop off your bike at Transition #1 first and then drive to Transition #2.  You will not be able to take your bike on the buses.

Time Leaving Transition #2, buses will continue to flow contiounsly:

  • 5:00am
  • 5:30am
  • 6:00am
  • 6:30am

Time Returning to Transition#1/Parking:

  • 10:00am
  • 10:30am
  • 11:00am
  • 11:30am

Course Maps & Details

Video Preview of the courses:

Swim: Click Here

Bike: Click Here

Run: Click Here

Swim (.35 mile):

Swim:Your .35 mile swim......  The water temperature will be approx. 56-59 degrees and wetsuits are recommended.  The course will be lined with large orange buoys, numerous lifeguards and safety crew. You will have a short run from the water exit back to the transition area on Harvard Ave.

Click here to view a printable swim course map

Click here to view an online swim course

  • Swim course safety plan with warming areas and showers:
    • John Trenev is our swim course director and has worked as an open water lifeguard and event safety liaison at Shadow Cliffs for over 10 years.  His lifeguard crew of 12 individuals are all EMT trained as well as our kayak team of 9 open water trained guards will manage this course in full.
    • We will be setting the course the day before the event and will re-measure the course the day of the event to make sure the course is set accurately for both races.  We will not start the race until both courses are set accurately and all guards are ready.
    • We will have warming areas available for all athletes before and after your swim
    • Showers will be available for use upon exiting the water at Pillar Point Harbor if you would like to wash off
    • Wetsuits are highly recommended for this race as the water temperature in April ranges from 56-59 degrees
    • We will have ear plugs availablee in Transition #1 for all athletes, this will help with keeping your core temperature normal during the swim.

Bike Course (9.5 miles):

Your 9.5 mile bike course is a point to point ride from Pillar Point Harbor to the Johnston House on Higgons Canyon Rd. Transition Aid Stations will be available if needed with water, gel, and electrolyte hydration.

Click here to view a printable bike course map with turn by turn directions and course elevation

Click here to view an online bike course

  • Bike course safety and medical/street sweeping plan:
    • Zach Lee is our bike course director, he is a trained/certified TCS course supervisor and has been an event traffic management supervisor for 7 years.
    • CHP and the HMB Sheriff’s Office will be managing all signalized intersections as well as any road crossings. 
    • We will have 8 motor escorts on course that will lead the first athlete, provide safety along the course if cones have fallen over, an athlete has a flat tire or needs assistance, and they will also be trailing the last athlete to make sure they’re safe throughout the race.  Our motor escorts are EMT trained and true professionals providing a vital service in helping make the course safe for all across all our events throughout the year.
    • We will have a bike technical crew that will provide any bike service needs on course
    • We will have over 40 volunteers managing each intersection along the bike course
    • We will be sweeping the course in the south bound lane of the course on Hwy 1 the day before the race to make sure that all debris is clear.

Run Course (3.1 miles):

Aid stations will be located every mile along this 3.1 mile run course that is flat and fast with 90% paved and 10% hardpack trail.  Water, Electrolyte Hydration, and Gel will be available at each aid station.

Click here to view a printable run course map

Click here to view an online run course

  • Run course safety and hydration/nutrition/medical plan:
      • Miguel Suarez is our run course director, he is an avid runner and is diligent in providing an accurate and well stocked run course
      • We will have a cross at Hwy1 and Seymour St. that will be managed by the Sheriff’s Office
      • We will have aid stations at each mile along the run course
      • We will also have medical personnel on bikes along the run course and following in the last runner
      • We will have over 20 volunteers managing the run course  and aid stations providing water, electrolyte hydration, gels, and bars if needed.

Swim Exit & Transition #1:

Click here to review Transition #1 Map with rack number, green numbers are club racks and red are individual, relay, and aquabike.

Click here to view a printable Swim Exit to Transition #1 map.  Carpet will line your path from your swim exit into Tranistion #1. Each transition will be secured by our Transition Directors (Phil Van Ornum and Rocco Mullinax).

Transition #2:

Click here to review Transition #2 Map with rack number, green numbers are club racks and red are individual, relay, and aquabike.

Click here to view a printable Bike to Run and Transition #2/Finish Line map.  Carpet will line your path through Tranistion #2. Each transition will be secured by our Transition Directors (Phil Van Ornum and Rocco Mullinax).

Chip Timing:

This race will be timed using a chip timing system. Upon checking in you will receive a chip that is traditionally worn on the ankle. It is the athlete's responsibility to wear the chip during the entire race. If you do not wear the chip you will NOT be timed.

The Athlete is also 100% totally responsible for the return of the chip. Our waiver will have a disclaimer that must be signed that states you, the athlete, must return the chip or be billed accordingly by our timing company. It is the racer's responsibility to make sure that if you cannot attend the race, the chip will be returned within 7 days to USA Productions at the following address.  If the timing chip is not returned the participant will be charged $30.

USAT Sanctioning:

USAT provides comprehensive insurance coverage to sanctioned events. The coverage provides liability coverage to protect the race director, sponsors, volunteers, officials, and participants. The athlete excess medical coverage protects each participant for the day of the event.

Athlete Excess Medical: When athletes purchase a USAT annual license or one day permit, a portion of those fees cover the cost to provide them with excess medical insurance. This coverage only extends to their participation in an USA Triathlon sanctioned event and is only available after the injured party has filed with any primary insurance policies.

Event Liability: USAT provides comprehensive liability insurance coverage to sanctioned events. The USA Triathlon policy automatically covers USA Triathlon race directors, sponsors, volunteers, officials, and participants while participating in sanctioned events. Single-event permit can only be purchased through the race director and is $12 at packet pickup or the day of the event. USA Triathlon does not sell single-day permits.

New or Renewing Members: Click here to visit to purchase a new membership or renew an old one.


Parking areas are designated in orange on each map.

Transition #1/Swim Start: Parking will be available along Airport St and around the Pillar Point Harbor area. If you park along Airport St please park completely off the road as this is along the bike route.

Map: Click Here

Transition #2/Finish Line:  Parking will be available on Main St heading into downtown as well as along Higgins Canyon Rd heading towards the Johnston House. 

Map: Click Here


From the North Bay (SF/Marin):

-Take Hwy 101/Hwy 1 South
-Right on Capistrano Rd
-Right on Prospect Way

From South Bay:

-Take 280 North
-Take CA-92 West
-Right on CA-1 North
-Left on Capistrano Rd
-Right on Prospect Way

From East Bay:

-Take 580 West
-Take 238 North
-Take 880 South
-Cross San Mateo Bride/CS-92 West
-Right on CA-1 North
-Left on Capistrano Rd
-Right on Prospect Way

Race Results

Get your results for past races: USA Productions Results

Travel & Hotels

To make travel plans and book your hotel for Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon: USA Productions Travel


If you're not a triathlete and would like to participant in some way to help with the event grab your friends and family and be a part of the event. Volunteers are needed to assist with several aspects of the event, including pre-registration, the start and finish line and water stations along the course.

Benefits of Volunteering
- Official SVST volunteer t-shirt
- Goodie Bags
- Free Lunch
- Fulfill community service hours
- A great time out
- Team up with friends, family and make it a community event!
- Groups larger than 15 will receive more benefits and possible charitable donations

Contact us today and thanks for volunteering: Contact USA Productions


Signed Up But Can't Race: Policies: Cancellation / Credit Policies / Chip Return